Scrumble — a strange event from the Nexus framework for Scrum that not many people know about.

A bit of a backstory:

  • I’ve found the mention of Scrumble on Ken Schwaber’s post on the 28th of September 2015. Strange that it did not get more coverage up to the point when it has been mentioned here, on the Nexus Practices website. Unfortunately, I cannot pinpoint the date when it has been mentioned on the Nexus Framework Scrum Org site.

In short — as far as I understand it — the Scrumble is a type of a STOP event in the…

Gotta Catch’em All

“Dear Business Partners,

Let’s cut to the chase — interestingly enough Kanban does not have that many certifications to buy… eer, I mean to obtain.

That’s why, based on our super BuzzwordOps software database agile certifications analytics in real-time based on AI & ML and powered by Cloud, we’ve compiled quite a short list of Kanban certifications that are lacking in the market right now.

Just before we start — bonus points are awarded for adding some cool adjective like Professional, Certified, Expert, Rad, Bodacious or Groovy or whatever adjective that makes you feel better than others before the proper…

Agile he knows me—

Just pop in the good old Genesis song and sing along.

Let’s roll.

> Press Play >

You see the face on the LinkedIn
Coming at you every Sunday
See that face on resume
That man is Me

On the cover of my articles
There’s no question why I’m smiling
You buy a piece of consulting
You buy a piece of me

I’ll get you everything you wanted
I’ll get the velocity you need
Don’t need to believe in some values
Just believe in me

’Cause Agile he knows me
And he knows I’m right
I’ve been consulting Agile all my life

Realistically, what we may miss when we take a look at the Scrum reality?

The Scrum Guide — a document that describes (or maybe, prescribes?) a perfect view of the Scrum process…wait, was it a process framework? Or a framework? Aaargh.

I did cover that before, let’s move on. But first, an artistic depiction of an almighty god-manager with a Sword of Budget Cutting. We’ll get to that in a moment.

An artistic depiction — source here —

With news around the publishing of the new Scrum Guide, I’d like to revisit the roles and add some missing ones, as sometimes they can be seen here and…

Scrum Power-Ups — SRE: Service Level Objectives

Source —

The world is really rich and the possibilities are mostly endless. By having an open mind we can observe what others have already done and leverage that knowledge. So, we should take a look at some of the concepts proposed by other methods, frameworks, philosophies, and approaches. Let us think about how we can use them in our Scrum environments.


Site Reliability Engineering started within Google in approximately 2003. The publication “Site Reliability Engineering: How Google Runs Production Systems” went into print in 2016.

Amongst others, one of Site Reliability Engineering principles is ‘Service Level Objectives’ (SLO). In short…

The surprising power of computational linguistics

A fancy-pancy controversial intro by none other than the author himself!

Just before I’ll dig a bit deeper into the topic I’d like to pose a multiple-choice question:

What is Scrum*?

A. — a process?

B. — a process framework?

C. — a framework?

D. — oh baby, don’t hurt me? (Haddaway reference intended)

E. — a 1mln+ $ training & consulting business?

F. — a religion?

G. — a professional and cultural movement?

see Appendix 1 for potential hints

Now, cheesy jokes aside, let’s dig deeper into scientific research which strives to be neutral and is open for constructive…

Maciej Jarosz

Hoi, Maciek here. I’m an entrepreneur, a DevOps Institute Ambassador & trainer, collaboration engineering trainer. Visit us — Enjoy!

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